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Over the last 15 years, PCD LOGISTICS has become Nationally recognised as the definitive solutions provider to Home and Business Building and Contents Insurers looking for a nationwide solution for genuinely reliable, rapid and effective claims processing from inception to completion.

PCD LOGISTICS will process a lodged claim (for quotation or diagnostic assessment) within 4 hours of request, assigning a trusted national panel contractor to make contact with the claimant and arrange prompt attendance for assessment or make-safe of fixed and portable electrical items.  PCD LOGISTICS will then respond within 48 hours of attendance and receipt of technician’s findings with a highly detailed report validating causation and providing a clear recommendation and path forward, with a quotation factoring cost, brand, quality and specification in concert with salvage where potential exists.

Quotations and reports are highly detailed, irrespective of number of items or scope and provide significant information about the items assessed and condition, confirmation of the event and causation, with a suitable, currently available replacement or repair solution which is immediately actionable.  If authorised to proceed (or given a do-and-charge), PCD LOGISTICS will execute the endorsed solution and invoice upon completion to-code.

  • Diagnostic testing, Assessment, Validation, Reporting and Quotation for electrical (Building and contents)
  • Specialising in Household and Business Claims Processing; Replacement, Repair and Salvage Service and after-sales support for all fixed and portable electrical items
  • National network of over 1000 service providers across all fields
  • Access to over 100,000 different products with virtual warehousing nationwide
  • Rapid deployment of technical expertise and super-fast turn-around on claims processed
  • Over 20 years of Expertise and Experience servicing the needs of Insurers, Loss-adjusters and Brokers
  • 24 Hour multiskilled support teams offering full claim management (assessment, quotation and fulfilment)

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Our clients have come to know this about us and find our products and services invaluable and a genuine asset to their business.

Our massive buying-power, nationwide virtual-warehousing and technical expertise with over 1000 service providers Australia-wide means that we can propose and deploy solutions more quickly than our competitors.


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