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The Before

Initially founded almost 25 years ago by specialists in the computer sector, PC-DEAL expanded to become a leading systems integrator, volume manufacturer and distributor to the retail, education and corporate markets. The focus at that time was large memberships, loyalty organisations and institutions.  Special skills were developed within the organisation providing the expertise and foundation needed to maintain a national supply and service network with the capability of deploying large-scale IT procurement and service projects nationally.  Regional warehousing and contract maintenance logistics followed, enabling the organisation to effectively service the majority of Australia’s population, even in the most remote areas, with a focus on IT technology solutions.

An opportunity arose to provide a major multi-national Insurer with some limited claims procurement support within Queensland.  The strengths of PC-DEAL were immediately realised by this client and PCD LOGISTICS was formed to service this business and consolidate the capabilities formed within PC-DEAL on a national scale.  PCD LOGISTICS harnessed the skills and assets acquired through the evolution of our IT business, and the scope of PCD LOGISTICS’ capabilities expanded to service all electrical within home and business environments, for both fixed and portable items.  This inevitably led to more opportunities and partnerships with most of the major and boutique insurers, loss adjusters and brokers, looking for a reliable alternative to major retailers, who offer limited capabilities in the Insurance solutions arena.

The Now

Over the last 15 years, PCD LOGISTICS has become Nationally recognised as the definitive solutions provider to Home and Business Building and Contents Insurers looking for a nationwide solution for genuinely reliable, rapid and effective claims processing from inception to completion. PCD LOGISTICS will process a lodged claim (for quotation or diagnostic assessment) within 4 hours of request, assigning a trusted national panel contractor to make contact with the claimant and arrange prompt attendance for assessment or make-safe of fixed and portable electrical items.  PCD LOGISTICS will then respond within 48 hours of attendance and receipt of technician’s findings with a highly detailed report validating causation and providing a clear recommendation and path forward, with a quotation factoring cost, brand, quality and specification in concert with salvage where potential exists.   Quotations and reports are highly detailed, irrespective of number of items or scope and provide significant information about the items assessed and condition, confirmation of the event and causation, with a suitable, currently available replacement or repair solution which is immediately actionable.  If authorised to proceed (or given a do-and-charge), PCD LOGISTICS will execute the endorsed solution and invoice upon completion to-code.

PCD LOGISTICS specialises in providing a total claims solution for Insurers.  Our competitors generally tend to either provide only procurement / replacement services, or they focus on repair, or possibly salvage and restoration.  We provide all products and services under one roof at a price most often found to be significantly below the major retailers and product specialists.  We have superior buying power and are not limited by anti-competitive supplier or location-controlled agreements and loyalties to certain brands or product classes, as mass-merchants often are.  We can and will procure any item required to fulfil a claim, whether it be a consumer, commercial, business or specialist-grade product, at a wholesale price, even from abroad when requested and required.  We are not limited to locally retained inventory and do not manage store-fronts and showroom floors.  We promote repair, where this can be guaranteed and warranted by the service provider and is the most cost-effective outcome for the insurer.  We often arrange salvage (or disposal if needed) and recovery or restoration when this is the best solution for the claim.

Why Us?

Our loyalty is only to our Insurers (we do not service store-fronts, retail showrooms and warehouses of stock which are on an expense timeline) and our clients have come to know this about us and find our products and services invaluable and a genuine asset to their business.  Our massive buying-power, nationwide virtual-warehousing and technical expertise with over 1000 service providers Australia-wide means that we can propose and deploy solutions more quickly than our competitors, particularly during times of catastrophe and calamity (eg. extreme weather events, major loss, etc).  Client managers love to work with PCD LOGISTICS as we actually understand the Insurance industry and its challenges.  We understand that performance and customer-satisfaction are key.  We understand that Insurers are looking for a fast, efficient and trusted solution which is in the interests of a fair and reasonable outcome for all parties.  Our staff are professional, empathic and multi-skilled.  We are able to adapt very quickly to changing situations and our flexible operational model enables us to provide more precise solutions based on the needs of the claim rather than the needs of the supplier’s inventory.


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