Excellent product pricing is important, but we offer far more than just great prices.  Our business is entirely designed, from the ground up, to satisfy the very specialised needs of insurers.  We genuinely understand the building / contents insurance space.

We can collect or attend for equipment diagnosis and report at any location in Australia.  We will handle all logistics, including liaising with insured, supplying packaging and packing services if assistance is required, and ultimately determining claim liability.

We deliver repaired or replacement product to any destination in Australia.  We have negotiated the best possible rates with the safest carriers in the nation to ensure product is delivered undamaged and on-time to destination, even in times of calamity.

When authorised, we will arrange repair, restoration and return of original goods to claimant using the full resources of our technical team. We are motivated to save our clients costs, focusing on repair (over replacement) when economical to do so.

We are well versed in the product and brand disclosures of our insurance clients and uphold the same values when dealing with claimants.  We are sensitive, sympathetic, and always patient and empathetic, knowing they have suffered a loss.

We are highly trained in conflict resolution and grief counselling, in order to provide a smooth insurance process at the supplier-end.  And we always make sure that the interests of the insurer are protected whilst respecting the claimant’s perspective.

Supply or Repair of fixed and portable electrical items in business or home applications:

  • Whitewoods; Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry, Cleaning, etc.
  • Browngoods; TV, Projector, AV, Theatre, Gaming, Multimedia,
  • Technology; Desktops, Towers, Laptops, Tablets, Peripherals, Cables
  • Security and Home Automation, Garage and Gate Systems
  • Air Conditioning; Window, Split, Ducted, Portable, Evaporative
  • Hot Water Systems, Heating Systems, Solar Systems and Battery
  • Pool equipment, Exercise equipment, Antenna, Dish, Telecoms

Supply of Electrical and trade Expertise in business or home:

  • Diagnostic testing, assessment, repair, maintenance and installation of all items listed at left.
  • Restoration, Repair or Replacement of electrical, AV or network wiring within the home/business.
  • Restoration, Repair or Replacement of electrical items using licensed trades in home/business.
  • Disconnection, Decant and responsible disposal of dangerous items requiring removal from site.
  • Rapid Rectification works in building and contents after disaster and calamity.
  • Data backup, retrieval and restoration offered as a specialised and costed service
  • Heavy duty and outdoor / commercial equipment testing; Power-tools, outdoor electrical items

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